Türi Apple Festival

The Coat of Arms of Türi Municipality

The apple is the symbol of Türi Municipality

Türi Municipality celebrates its birthday on 23 October. On the first Saturday in October the birthday month opens with Türi Apple Festival to rejoice the citizens and guests.

It is not easy to find a garden in Türi without an apple tree and people in this neck of wood know what to do with apples. Housewives have numerous recipes for using this delicious and healthy fruit, let the result be either apple pie, jam, juice or salad. 

There is not doubt that artists, designing the coat of arms for Türi, were inspired by the gorgeous orchards that please the eye every spring. In 1992, Türi Town received another new coat of arms with a golden bough from the apple tree.

When in 2005 neighbouring municipalities joined and formed a big new Türi Municipality, a new coat of arms was needed that would represent all previous local authorities: Oisu and Kabala Municipalities, Türi Town and Municiality. Priit Herodes won the competition with the design that has a cross and a shield with an apple. The flag has a white cross with a golden apple in a red square in the middle. The author explains that green is the common colour for all local authorities. The cross divides the shield in four fileds, which would represent the united local authorities.

The symbol of Türi Apple Festival is a cheerful and tasty apple.

Founders, from the left: Reet Länkur, Katrin Soomets, Anneli Kenk, Ülle Välimäe, Tiiu Levol, Triin Pärna, Erika Teras, Üllar Vahtramäe, Piret Lai, Aivo Prüssel, Katre Saar, Auris Rätsep, Mati Sadam and Indrek Mardo.

The idea to hold the Apple Festival came by Auris Rätsep at the time of the ’apple flood’ in the autumn of 2009. The first festival was held at Veskisilla Recreation Centre on 5 Sept 2010. In the picture there are the founders of the Festival.

Türi Apple Festival Gallery 2010 / Gallery 2011

Festival’s webpage: www.applefest.ee